CMS Page reference field links


I have multiple products on this website that I have categorized with reference fields in CMS Collections “Tuotteets”. The number 1 categories are found right away in the nav menu (Ravinnontäydennys, Toiminnalliset valmisteet, Kasvi-ja yrttivalmisteet, Ihonhoito). When you hover the mouse on them a dropdown opens. There are the category 2 links that are meant to be linked to specific tabs in that category 1 page (still in progress, not sure how to achieve that either yet).

Now, in CMS Collection Pages I wanted the customer to be able to see in which category and subcategory does the product belong to and also to be able to click them and go to the correct pages/tabs. I have made some images that hopefully opens it up a little more on what I’m trying to explain here.

Any help is very much appreciated!

Here is my public share link:

I figured it out! :tada: I just needed to make a couple new link fields in the CMS collection, one for category 1 and one for category 2 and then manually paste the desired links. In the collection page I used link blocks and then in the link settings get URL from the CMS collection. Quite tedious, but doable.