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How to link a collection list to specific products within a category?

Hi, I’m in the process of building a web store and I’ve added 9 products and 3 categories (3 products for each category). I’ve added a collection list element to the category template and I’ve linked that collection list’s “Source” to my products. The problem I’m running into is that I can’t figure out how to set up the collection list to only display the products that pertain to the category they belong to. Instead, the collection list displays all of the products regardless of which category page I’m viewing. Hopefully that explanation makes sense. If I’m going about this wrong please let me know what I need to be doing instead.

Hi @Aaron_S, thanks for the question. It would help if you could share the read only link to the project so that we can help take a look at the structure.

Could you help to provide the site read only link?

Yes, here is the share link.

Thank you.

Hey Aaron,

  1. Go to Categories Template page
  2. Note which Category you’re on (top left, circled in red in picture below)
  3. Select the collection (I selected Collection List Wrapper)
  4. Go to Settings on the right
  5. Under Filters, hit the + button
  6. Set first select box to Categories
  7. Set second select box to Contains
  8. Set final select box to whatever Category page you’re on.
  9. Click Save

Hi Carlos,

Thank you for your reply. I had actually tried using the filter option previously and I was running into problems because I was setting the last filter option to match the page I was on (i.e. If I was on the coffee page I would set it to “coffee”). By doing that it would set all of my pages to coffee. Instead I’ve set it to “Current Category” which has fixed the problem. Thanks a million for your help!!


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