How to set up Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics for Webflow

Hi, spent some time setting up a quick how-to on adding Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics to Webflow.

Hope ya’ll find it helpful. Let me know if I screwed anything up.

UPDATE I’ve added some video content to the posts to make it a bit easier to follow along as I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately. Hopefully it makes things a bit simpler.


Thanks for your post @J8kes. Do you know if Universal Analytics can also work across domains ( + Trying to work out the best way to redirect and measure redirections in / around webflow. Not that obvious…

@slicedbread you can do cross-domain with UA and Tag Manager. Go to your Universal Analytics Variable and it’s under MORE: Google Tag Manager 2021-12-...

Then install Tag Manager on both sites. Then you’ve got it all in one GA UA View.

FYI, we’ve had a lot of questions on these so we’ve created some how-to videos if you don’t want to read my ramblings or get a bit lost you can link directly to them on YouTube:

Do I have to add the tags via embed on each page or can I just add it once in the general settings?

@Christoph Yes and no, so the ideal situation for the second bit you have to add is to have it as high yup as possible, you can add it in the project settings, but it’s less ideal.

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Thank you @J8kes! And sorry for the late reply! :see_no_evil: