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Google Analytics Not Tracking

After we pasted the tracking code in the Google Analytics box, Google Analytics stop tracking the number of visits. At first it said we had only 1 visitor for a few weeks, and thought it was a small glitch that would fix on its own. Apparently not. We know that we didn’t have only 1 visitor for a few weeks because we would get people telling us they liked our splash page. We’re not sure what went wrong here. HELP PLEASE!

Hey @brandontluong, are you using Classic Analytics or Universal? Make sure to choose Classic if you are pasting the ID in Webflow. You can do Universal if you paste their code in your <head> section. Analytics should kick in tops 10 minutes after you add your tracking code into your settings, hit save changes, and don’t forget to PUBLISH your site again.

A good way to test if it’s working is to go to the Real-Time tab and click on Overview. You should see yourself in the site.

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Thanks for the info @thesergie. I will double check to see if we’re using Classic, and thanks for the quick response.

Is there any way to implement Universal Analytics? I have also been having trouble with Adword conversions as well, and I think the easiest fix would be the ability to use google tag manager or modify the custom code for each individual page.

I think the problem with tag manager is placing the code directly after the body on each page.

Yeah, you can just paste the code they provide in the <head> custom code.

Also, we have plans to add custom code for each page of the site, but no definite timeline for that.

Custom code for each site would be awesome ONLY if there is a custom code for all sites as well. Eg. There is Custom Code before </body> in site dashboard and on each site at design mode you can open “custom code popup” and type whatever for this particular site you want to have.

If I export the code and upload it to my server and use my domain, will the Google Analytics code still work properly.

I think my question is: Does the Google Analytics field on Webflow work on exported sites?

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