How to Remove Unused Styles/Classes

Is there a way to duplicate just the header and footer in a separate project? I tried duplicating my site and deleting the sections that were non-essential but the legacy CSS for the entire project gets carried over when I try exporting the code.

Problem is this… I’m trying to reuse that header / footer CSS for my existing site but need to strip out the non-essentials. All of that legacy CSS (for the other sections that have since been deleted) ends up making the entire page go wacky.

Ideal scenario, can I create a new project with just the header and footer and strip out the non header / footer CSS? I don’t know how to do this currently without recreating it from scratch.

I’m admittedly not a coder also.


ADMIN EDIT: Changed title from “Duplicate Just Header/Footer” to "How to Remove Unused Styles/Classes"

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Hey @vinnie2727 you can remove unused styles within the Style Manager tab, and clicking “Clean Up” :smile:


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