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Cleaning up large amount of unused styles on site

Hey there,

We got several projects for our startup’s service in development. To make the design fitting, I copied one larger project to do a smaller one. After finishing the design of the smaller one, I deleted all the duplicate stuff of the bigger one - divs, slides, etc…
Looking at the stylesheet of the smaller one, we seem to have the problem, that the rules of the deleted stuff are still in the code. That makes our project way less efficient and much bigger than it needs to be. We like lean :smiley:
Is there any way to get rid of the unnecessary rules in an easy way? Like without rebuilding the smaller project from scratch or going through the stylesheet by hand?

Thanks a lot for any help.

Hi @Johannes_Eisenlohr, thanks for the question. Have you tried to use the “Clean Styles” feature in the style manager?

In general, styles will remain while there are elements using a style. After cleaning styles, it is usually a good idea to do a full refresh of the browser with the site loaded in the designer:

If that does not help, could you help to share the link to the site and the styles that are unable to be removed? If you do not wish to share the link publicly you could submit that to and I am happy to help check this further.


Sorry for the late answer, forgot to hit reply…

Your customer service is awesome :thumbsup:
Great to know about that feature, and it reduced the rules to around 400. Would be great to expand it to unused animations!

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