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Extra / Unused CSS

Hi there

Each time I export a project, there’s this other style sheet full of unsused css that doesnt apply to my page. How do I remove these unused classes? It’s very cumbersome to remove each class individually? Any better method or any way to export only the code needed?


Ooooh yes. There’s an option in the Styles tab. Click on the image to see the animation.

hi vincent

Thanks. I was referring to the other styles that are about the grid, the columns etc. that are usually inside webflow.css. I’ve barely used 1/2 of those classes inside webflow.css

With the core idea of minimizing HTTP requests, it doesnt make a lot of sense serving up 2 css files, where in one of them contains dozens of unused classes and only a handful of used classes.

Manually doing this would be sub optimal.

CC @callmevlad

Ok, sorry for that.

Unless your site needs huge optimization because it’s very, very visited, your issue is a non-issue. I mean, at all. Sites you visit everyday make you load way more unused stuff.

And let’s put it that way: if you work for such an important site, your use of Webflow should be limited on prototyping. Webflow does an amazing work but it’s not meant to be “a tool to produce hyper optimized websites”.

If you want to clean some files, clean them once and mark them as not rewritable on the FTP server, so that they’re never erased by new code, maybe.