How to randomize combined CMS lists (Finsweet Attributes Combine and Sort)

I have combined 2 collections using Finsweet’s Combine Attribute solution. I am also using their Sort Attribute solution and can for example take the two combined lists and have them display alphabetically; however, I would ideally like them to be combined randomly but I cannot figure out how. I know this is more of a question for Finsweet but if anyone has any insight into other solutions or a solution with their tool I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide!

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Hi Noel, I don’t think there is a way to sort randomly with FS sort.
However if you only want to sort the combined lists randomly, you could either-

  1. Sort the two lists randomly before combining them ( but they’d likely be type-separated )

  2. Use SA5 sort, which has a random option. It would sort random on every page load. I haven’t tried it in combination with FS combine so if you use it let me know what happens.

Hi Michael,

Thanks a lot for linking the SA5 sort, it proved to be really useful! It does indeed randomises each of the Collection Lists which I put together using Finsweet Attributes Combine. However, it does not randomise the order of the Collection Lists. Has anyone come across a way to enable that?

If the collection lists are all adjacent in your DOM, then you could probably wrap them in a DIV and use a second wfu-sort setup on the DIV to randomize the lists.

If you’re looking to combine the lists and then sort all of the contents randomly together, you can look at FS docs to find the event that fires after combine is finished, and then write custom code to do the random sort.

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Hi Michael,

Your advice is the solution- once the CMS lists are combined and wrapped in a DIV block, you can apply wfu-sort and wfu-sort-dir with value ‘random’ and it does the trick! Thanks a lot for you help!