Finsweet Combine CMS Sorting issue


I’ve used the @Finsweet Combine CMS Attribute on a test site and it works great, but what I can’t control is the specific order of the Collection List items. I’ve run the Support Tool and it reports the Attribute is cofigured correctly.

I’ve added an order number field to each Collection, and setup the respective order number for all items within the collection. A sort order filter is set on both Collections.

When published, the Collection items are not fully ‘combined’ with respect to their sort order. They just appear as Collection 1 items, then Collection 2 items, rather than the sort order I set.

For example, I wanted 3 items from Collection 1, two from Collection 2, 1 from Collection 1 etc.

So my question is, does the Combine Attribute not honour sorting? Hope this makes sense!

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Yes, kind of. By using CMS Sort from Finsweet. Ignore the design but the development includes both CMS Combine & CMS Sort. To show it is two collections combined using the attribute (c1) is from collection 1 and (c2) is from collection 2.

Initial state

After selecting the trigger (ie button)

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Thanks so much for taking the time to explain, this, much appreciated!

So when a user views the page, would the two combined collections already be sorted, without the need for a user to click a sort button / dropdown etc?