Random items in the combined list of multiple collections


I used Finsweet Attributes to combine items from multiple collections into one list. The thing is that they are displayed in the order of the collections. I mean: items from collection 1 are the first, items from collection 2 follow etc. Is there any way to randomise the order of the displayed items? So they are displayed e.g. one item from collection 2, one item from collection 3, two items from collection 1 etc.

Sadly, I can’t add a read-only link for I’ve been bound by a NDA. But I hope that I explained clearly, what I’m looking for.

Thank you for any suggestions!

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Hi Milos,

You would use custom code for that. If you google “randomize elements in a DIV” you’ll find code examples to get you started.

I was afraid of that :slight_smile: Thank you, @memetican!