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Hello there

I am new to webflow but have just made my first collection and trying to embed it on my page. But it just says there are no items in the collection, eventhough there are 4… However I can see in the editor that they are not published yet, so it could be the reason why its not working, but how and where do I publish the items in the collection?



Can you share your read only link?


HI Matt

I am not if this is what your asking for

Else let me know how to make read only link


okay I suddenly got it to work. Just filling out the new posts from the site CMS instead from the editor and then they got published… But still I have the 4 posts from the editor which still have status “not published”… I guess I just have to fill them in again.


Hello @KimHougaard

You have some CMS items that are not published because you have set them as “archived”

I would suggest to delete them and re post them again so you can see them on your dynamic list.

Okay thanks… I just dont get how they got archived… It was not a setting I made… but ok it works now, thanks


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