CMS collection "no items found" after publish

CMS collections are all displaying in designer mode, without any issues.
After the site gets published, the webpage shows nothing from collection.
Each collection item has its thumbnail and assigned video link.
On the website, it is not showing anything, but “no items found”.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Add specific URL (Or page name). Also designer VS publish - so also add live URL.

Hi Siton

The live URL is

Page name is multimedia

The five black circles which are thumbnails. They are not showed up at LIVE URL.

In designer mode, they showed up like in read-only site.

Collection List - Tried to add filter, remove and add it back again
Collection - Status has been published
Limit items - show 100, start at 1

Nothing works. The grey padding, no items found is still there.

Preview link

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