How to protect digital file download link?


First time poster here.
I was wondering if there are any solutions out there to protect a digital file download link after it has been purchased. I can’t see many options for out there against someone sharing the download file link. Are there any third-party apps that would allow for this?

I intend to store the files on the AWS S3 server, but it doesn’t have to be that, I can use other platforms, such as Dropbox for that if it will make the functionality easier to implement.

I suppose one of the ways this could be done is placing a limit on how many times the link can be used, download link with expiration, or some special AWS S3 server setup. It’s strange that WF has no such functionality which I think is rather crucial.

Any suggestions are welcome, and I thank you in advance.

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I guess my question is, what do you mean by “protect”?

If you mean protecting it so that only people who have ACTUALLY been authenticated can access it, then I would recommend using Memberstack’s hosted content feature. Here’s a link to learn about how it works! → Hosted Content for Webflow

Thanks, Julian

You’re semi-correct. Apologies, I should have made that clearer. What I was after is a disabling the possibility of sharing the download digital item link to someone else who hasn’t payed for it. So it’s not necessarily a gated content. Still, this might work because if user ‘A’ pays for the digital item, and then shares the download link with person ‘B’, the person ‘B’ would not be able to access it because it’s not the same person, and the user needs to be logged in.