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File hosting for digital downloads

I recently started using the new ecomm feature and love it. I’d love to sell digital downloads and am curious, where are people securely hosting their files? For example, let say I host a file on Drive or something—what’s to stop the buyer from sharing the download link with their friends? Does WF generate unique download links for each buyer? What is that tied to, their email address?


There is some verbiage on the feature university article that suggests the file is served via a unique URL to each user that purchases the product, however I haven’t tested it myself yet.

Note : the Order Downloads email will be sent separately from the Order Confirmation and will only include the unique download links for the order.

Just gave it a go and it obfuscates the URL nicely. Hosting the files on dropbox seems to work well

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A decent portion of the cloud server companies offer a lower-sized “free” tier that should work for most folks only serving a handful of files that don’t get too large in file size. That said, it’s worth noting that not every service gives you access to direct links to their files—cough Google Drive cough—which I believe is required for file downloads associated with purchases.

Dropbox on the other hand does, so this is what I’d recommend for anyone needing to host a file (or files) under a total of 2GB which is the limit to their Basic (free) tier:

I’m using my previous webhost to house all my digital files and the downloads do not work from botht the conformation page on my site and from the link in the email. I did a test purchase to verify and its not working. I posted this problem in a new thread a few days ago as well as contacted support and still have not heard back. I’m looking to launch my site soon and obvisualy cant do this if the download links do not work.

Anyone else had this problem and know of a fix?

Thanks, Andreu