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Feedback: Now in beta: Sell digital goods in your Ecommerce store

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Hi Webflow,

This is good news, cool.

Can you please confirm, this part ‘To protect your content, and limit the ability to share your file links, a unique link is generated for every download in the order’, this means that the file can only be downloaded once?

Will there be any time limit controls on the downloadable file? (Am in the middle of a Shopify digital download project and a time limit was a must have for the client).

Are there any plans to have the digital files hosted on the Webflow site or will they always be externally hosted?

As the digital file is hosted externally, could it be a zipped file containing a package made up of different files, e.g. PDFs and an mp3 files?



Hey all,

I love this new feature. I’m curious on how everything is set up - if someone would access the confirmation page through a sitemap.xml for example (without putting the order), would this person also be able to inspect the page and find the download link to the said product?

I am fairly new to this but am sceptical on putting links to my products in the base code rather than it being sent on email by an external provider.


I am also wondering on this, are there certain hosting platforms that are recommended that utilize the features mentioned above? Or is Webflow file hosting planned for a future release?

Good feature… Still have been waiting for the long overdue offline payment option though. Being as simple as not requiring a payment method and still allowing them to place an ecommerce order would be amazing. Majority of my clients that I’d be selling to request to order online where its then followed up with a payable invoice, easy enough to set up through an automation with third parties but right now having to pay by visa/paypal is quite limiting.

This is great news and late as hell, but better late than never… Ok let’s talk about protection and hosting… Let’s say I have a plentiful collection of digital downloads such a my music albums, stuff like that and those files are on AWS. How do we make sure someone don’t purchase my albums and make the links available to others? Also, say we want to offer a members only downloadable section such as a monthly subscription to a voiceover platform or service of that nature - is that in the plans? I really don’t care much if you guys host files or I host them myself, but if you offer a hosting plan for files it may be easier to implement some more advanced features, so do you plan on offering a file hosting package? Webflow is on track to being the ultimate no code solution for web applications, please keep focus and move faster before one of these other guys take you out of the box!


Btw Webflow, I’ve noticed you publish these feedback threads and then promptly abandon them even though people are asking questions or explaining bugs etc. in them. I’m sure you’re taking notes, but why not be a little more active here in the days after a feature launch?


Hi there, i tried to test this function but there’s no Element »Downloads« in my Checkout-Elements? There’s is just a »Discount«-Element?

Went in here to seek some answers for the new Digital Product release. But why bother linking to the feedback threat if there is literally no answer to any of the questions in here? You guys want us to ask and give feedback but offer no reply, questionable user experience.

I don’t feel comfortable selling digital goods until the download links are secure. Though I don’t see documentation about this anywhere on Webflow.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems anyone can post the download link on the internet and have access to the file(s). There is plenty of fraud/piracy with digital downloads, so secure links are absolutely necessary.

I posted secure downloads as a wishlist item here: