How to prevent Webflow Form emails ending in SPAM

When testing Webflow Form emails with, I get a score 2/10 and the email ending in SPAM filters of our clients which is completely unprofessional. The only option I see is to use POST option and some service like to handle things for us, is there any other way to configure Webflow to be more mail-client-friendly? Why there is no focus on this issue?

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Hey Danila,

Webflow’s form notification emails don’t look nice, but I’ve found them quite reliable- I’ve never seen them go to spam, unless the message content within is actually spam.

Here are some options;

  • Webflow forms, vanilla
  • Webflow forms, pointing to a different email handler like GetForm
  • Webflow forms, pointing to automation on Logic, Make or Zapier
  • 3rd party embedded forms, like Jotform, Typeform, etc.
  • 3rd party embedded forms, connected to automation

For your use case, you may want to check out the second one. It’s cheap, and looks like it will give you a lot of capabilities in how you present and send your messages.

For more serious clients, you’re much better off using automation, and feeding their leads directly into a lead management system like salesforce, pipedrive, or nutshell. I include that in my basic site design & delivery service, because if leads are handled badly, the site is a fail.