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Form spam, no-code design, and third party form data processing

One of my major complaints about Webflow is the way form data is handled. I have never had an easy, spam-free, no-code, solution to handling my form submissions and I’d love to know what I’m missing here, if anything.

My company uses Pardot to handle email marketing, integrated with Salesforce. Pardot has two ways to collect form data from a website, either with their “form handlers” which provide an action URL to use with Webflow’s forms, or through their “form embeds” which allow you to build a form in Pardot then embed that code in Webflow with the code widget.

The form handlers don’t have recaptcha, but the form embeds do. The form embeds don’t allow for no-code design (but can be customized if you can write the css yourself). If I use a form handler then I can’t use Webflow’s recaptcha because custom action URLs negate that functionality.

This post on the forum seemed like an easy custom code option to help me out but it doesn’t work, and I don’t know why… I’m a no-code designer.

Does anyone know of any other cheap or free way to get form data into a third party system that prevents spam and doesn’t require knowledge of coding or expensive monthly fees for connectors like Zap, etc.?

If it helps, here’s my site link:

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Hi @MIJason,

Spam robots are getting smarter everyday, and platforms are trying to keep up. I use the built in captcha from webflow and it works perfectly when it comes spam.

For more automation, I use Zapier that works perfectly with Webflow.

Hey @Carlos_Ruiz_Del_Vizo, thanks for the reply.
What email service to you connect your Zap to? My company just started using Marketing Cloud, which works with Salesforce, but I don’t see a Zap for that so I’m not sure I can use that to get my Webflow emails to fit into my email automation system.
And, unfortunately, I can’t use a POST url in the Webflow designed forms to send data to my email system because using that url would negate the recaptcha. Ugh :frowning:

The best way to do it is a custom ZAP with Zapier, or a POST call. This is something you will need to work with a developer to achieve your goals. Is not a nocode implementation.