Form Submission email · Best practices?

Hi, I run an agency where we build Webflow sites for clients. A couple of years ago I stopped using Webflow native form submission emails to notify clients. The reason is that Webflow automatically adds an unsubscribe link that can effectively block all form submission emails if clicked by the client or their customer.

My current solution is disabling Webflows native functionality and using Make scenarios to handle data from form submission webhooks and sending email notifications to clients. This has been working great except it seems like my email (which is being used by make) is getting limited for sending too many unsolicited emails. This is quite critical as I used this email for everything running my business. I’m considering swapping to another warmed-up email but I wanted to ask the community first.

Do you have any advice on how to handle form submissions best?

FWIW this is how I handle it. A quick suggestion… Instead of using your personal email to send, try SendGrid for that. You can use the same workflow and just add the SendGrid module for transactional emails.

Have you set up a seperate email address for that? On another domain?
Had a look at SendGrid now, but if seems like I am at the same starting point if I reuse my company email here as it is the domain as will be marked as a sender of unsolicited emails.


Outside of transactional emails, you don’t want to remove an unsubscribe link. If you do, you’ll be marked as a sender of unsolicited emails.

If you email properly, getting consent, adding unsubscribe links, etc… those issues don’t generally happen.

It’s common for companies to send emails, to their list off of their main domain, without issue.

If you’re getting marked as spam at a high enough rate to be blocked, you’re doing it wrong.

This is sounding less and less like a technical issue.

For form submissions that have business logic attached, the approach and Chris’s recommendations are a good way to go.

For form submissions that you’re simply wanting the email notification, I use Basin. It has fantastic spam checking, no unsub link problem and is much prettier too. Tons of features.