How to Merge two different websites CMS into one

Here I am not talking about Migrating into one

I need one CMS for two different Website
once uploaded through CSV file it should update on both projects


I think one of those automatic tasks (Zapier | Make etc.) can help You

Unfortunately Webflow does not have a way to share CMS’s across projects.
You’ll need to sync them as @shokoaviv advised.

If you have a lot of collections and want a good reliable approach, have a look at Whalesync or PowerImporter Pro as services, they may be able to do Webflow → Webflow syncs.

My guess is you’d want to treat one site as the source of truth, and only edit that one’s CMS. The other gets the cloned data. Two-way syncs are significantly more complex.

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Hi Ashwin

This can be achieved using the free plan of MeldAPI - depending on the volume of updates required monthly. MeldAPI is launching beta in 2 weeks, with further info becoming available next week.

Disclaimer: I’m a co-founder of MeldAPI :blush:

Cheers, Shane

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