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How to? - Members create "availability" calendar through CMS

Looking for a way for my Members (freelance artists) to enter the days they are booked in a form, then have that info displayed on their profile page.

I just mocked this up in Webflow

The visitor to the page does not need to book or interact with the data. They just view it. The Member is the only one in control of the data (their data)

Anyone got any workflow ideas on how to achieve this.
I don’t feel Calendly or Google Calendar is the right fit, because how would I allow each user to embed their own calendar and how expensive would a team account be.

Surely a form could somehow talk to the CMS with zapier and perhaps change the style of the days that are “booked” (red)? I’m just not smart enough to know how to do this.

Appreciate any ideas/tips.