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Any suggestions on how or if this is possible

Hi Webflowers!

Im building a new site for a place renting out rooms. I built the one they got today but need to redo it. I wonder if any can suggest a way of using CMS to:

  1. Show available dates in a calendar liked style
  2. If one day is booked, show it in another style or show a BOOKED badge or something.
  3. Making it easy in the CMS to update these dates for the people renting out to handle this.

Right now I have a calendar that I made on my own but to change the days from e.g “Available” to “Booked” is by adding a predefined sub classes. This is obviously not the easiest way for the user to handle this.

I appreciate all the help i can have on this. Stay safe out there!

My best, Daniel

Very general Q (Sound more like freelancer mission). Very hard for now to create booking systems on webflow (Use third-party plugin maybe). “User handle it” = users admin (Login/register/admin area and so on).

  1. No easy way to handle calendar under webflow CMS (Without custom code and ideas like this).

  2. Use if (If booked show badge).

  3. General mission.