CMS Display Filtering using date & hours availabilities

Hey guys,
I’m trying to display some CMS items inside a page based on availability set in the collections.
Basically, i have a “Members” Collection, populated by humans that are looking for extra work & jobs. They have a dashboard (using Memberstack) and I want them to be able to update their availability on a weekly basis.
Lets say a member is available:

  • Monday : 10 to 12 - 18 to 22
  • Tuesday : 18 to 20

I was thinking about creating those availability slots on their collection item and build a page where I can show available members to jobs provider.
But I think the filtering options of Webflow regarding this case is a bit weak.
Do you guys have any idea of how to deal with that ?
Any calendar based filtering option maybe ?


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Hi @odesza999

This is an interesting question. Off the bat, my guess would be to make a clone of how Calendly does it where you have one-hour slots that can be selected. I’d put these in a form element (maybe that can be updated whenever – not sure why it would be easier to require a weekly update if people’s schedules aren’t likely to change). If you want to make this form editable I’d do something like:

  1. Make the form contain an HTML embed that automatically pulls Memberstack Member ID.
  2. (Maybe) Pre-populate form with previous responses. I think there should be a way to do this with jQuery – I could look into it if you’d like/if you’d go with this route.
  3. Create a Zapier connection where every time a form is submitted with a previously submitted Member ID, it’ll replace that information in an Airtable (see below).

I’d definitely use some kind of third-party backend service (maybe Airtable) to keep track of the hour blocks that have been submitted by some users. You could probably do this by making a list with the rows being individual users and columns being each of the hour slots.

You could then do a rollup (or something to that effect) of every person who has that hour-slot selected (giving you a list of everyones availability for that specific slot.

You could then create a CMS collection in Webflow that contains those grouped availabilities. You could then create a page where each of those collections lists arehidden and you make a checkbox or something like that where users can choose to display them based on the time slots they are looking for.

I’m not sure what you’re having these people do so I don’t know if you need the ability to select (And them remove) people from the list. I’d have to think about how you could do that a bit more, but my guess would be to use another Zapier/Airtable connection to do this (auto-update and somehow remove the checkmark in Airtable).

Again, this is pretty theoretical but I think that line of thinking is a good place to start with thos.

Alternatively, you could just embed a Calendly form into your site and avoid have do do any of this :laughing:.

I see this is from about a month ago. I’m curious if you came up with another solution. Let me know!