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How to make form submit only after confirming the content from the user side?

Hi all,

I want to make a form that can be submitted only after the users check what they inputed.
like a confirm page and then to be sent.
Would this be able in webflow?

Thank you

@YU123 you could do that with some Javascript, but you’d have to know how to code. Otherwise, you could submit the form to Integromat, check for the required fields, and if they don’t have them send back a response to the web browser letting them know.

Hi ChirsDrit
Thank you for your response.
Is there any site or readings I can refer to?
I don’t really much about Javascript so,
if you could give me sample coding it would be very helpful

If you don’t know much (or any) Javascript, I’d either avoid it (or hire someone) and instead validate that the users input AFTER they’ve submitted the form.

You can do this validation with Integromat (where I’d suggest you submit your form to).

Within Integromat…

If that input doesn’t match what you’re expecting, send them to a page that tells them to retry.

If that input does indeed match what you’re expecting, do whatever you’d normally do.

This can all be done with the Integromat “Webhooks” module and the “Webhook response” module.

I don’t know of any examples specifically that walk through your exact use-case, that said, I have some walk throughs that you could adapt and probably get you what you need:

Dig around my site, for more…