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Form Submit auto reply email to the submitter

Hey guys!

I am a newbie to webflow. Besides form notifications to our company, I need to reply to the user who submitted the form. But in the project setting there’s only one mail body and one to list email.

So does webflow support multiple templates on form submit notification? Can anyone please help me.

Thank you

Hey there!

At the moment, Webflow does not support auto replies or anything similar for form submissions. However, you can (fairly easily) utilize a tool such as Zapier or Integromat to watch for submissions to your form, and then send an email to the submitting user automatically.

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As is already mentioned, you can’t do that from Webflow alone, you need some help :slightly_smiling_face: Integromat and Zapier will glue all of that together for you. Here are a couple of screencasts that walk through all of that:

Thank you a lot, Tyler! Have a nice one.

Thank you Chris! I will do a bit of researching from the links you gave to me. Have a nice one!

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