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Check form field input against data list

Hi all,

I have a client that needs to make sure that form submissions are ‘valid’.

Users will need to enter a code as part of the form and we need to check that this code matches one of the entries in a set data list.

Is there a way to do this? The ideal solution would be able to check the validity of the code as it is entered, but if it can only be checked at form submission that isn’t the end of the world.

Any help would be much appreciated!


There may be some Javascript approach but I can’t think of anything (that would be secure).

What I like to do for this sort of thing is use Integromat.

You can store a list of “codes” within Integromat’s data store, then submit your form to Integromat and have it check against that server-side data store.

If there is no match, you can return either an error message or redirect the user to an error page.

If there is a valid match, continue with however you’d like to handle it.

Hmm interesting, I’m guessing this would work with something like Zapier as well?

I can see how you would capture the form submission and do the lookup but how would you then feed that back to Webflow to do the pass/fail?

For this, Zapier really is not the solution to use. Stick with Integromat.

I have a screencast walking through setting up simple Webflow form submits into Integromat. This one is interesting in that I show you how to send a response back to the web browser that pops off some custom Javascript to display a success / fail message.

The simpler route is to avoid the Javascript and just redirect the web browser to separate success / fail pages.

Let me know if this helps: