How to make a collection, from other collections


I´ll try to make this simple. I have several collections like this: residential is one collection.

How can I create an All Projects Collection calling the information from the other collections?
Like this I do not need a new page because it will duplicate the content. Basically what I need is: When I am in and I click for example in Ocean Eye, I will be redirected to

Please let me know if I made myself clear. I have not been able to create this and have been stuck for two days.

Here is my public share link:

Hi basically you’d like a Dynamic list that can list several collections, and sort the collections items by date and other filters, right?

I don’t think it is possible now. I tried to find a solution for that, I have a blog with posts and articles and I couldn’t make a list that handle both. instead, I made a grid made of several dynamic lists, each one showing content from different collections.

Hi Vicente, in that grid, if you click on it, will it take you to the page of a specific collection?

This is basically what I am trying to accomplish.

Projects - StudioSaxe if you click on the first photo, it will take you here which is a project that belongs to the collection residential.

@Sebasgaes what if you just had one collection and then added a reference field for the type of collection? Then you could create a filter to show all of the collection items or just filter by each of the reference fields.

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Hi Jordan, thanks for helping me. Let me see if understand correctly. Should I have just one collection (all-projects) and then create collections (folders) and reference to (all-projects)? Or should I leave it as it is (I have like 7 collections) and create one (all-projects) that reference to the other ones?

I have never used the reference and multireference link before, that’s why I ask so much. My only concern is, how would the folders and links would work?

@Sebasgaes can you share some screenshots of what you’re referencing? I would just have one collection for all of these items, and then create a separate collection for all of the references. Then go to your original collection and add a reference field, and link it to the new reference collection. See the screenshot below for an example.

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Here you can see the collections I created. Example: residential
Then I created the all-projects

Here is preview link as well:

So you can put everything in all-projects, and then create a collection for all the categories. Then build references like in my image above.

I am doing the same as Sebasgaes, and I set up my site with categories as Jordan has proposed. However, the problem with this solution is Residential Projects will need to be formatted/layout as Commercial Projects. I want to have the ability to have different layouts per project type. Any idea how to achieve this without creating different collections that then get reference into a All Projects dynamic list?

Hi, I think you can have different layout and designs, and you call whatever information you need from the collection. For example; You can have for the residential page; name, project details, team and date and on Commercial Projects you can Have; Name, Price, Location, and area.

But the collection must have all these items. ( Name, Project Details, Team, Date, Price, Location and Area.

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