Create a Featured projects using other collections

Hi Guys,

Perhaps the solution for this is very simple, but I can’t figure it out. I created several collections of projects. Of course, each collection has its own page. What I want to do is, to create a Featured Projects section on the home page, have around 5 to 10 thumbnails that pull the name and picture from each project category and if I click on one of them, it will take me to that project page category.

It will be very much appreciated if someone could guide me on this. I was playing around with the single and multiple reference field. But I can’t figure out the link part.


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I do this by creating a switch field in my projects collection. Then filter the collection list element by the switch under settings.

Hi Katie,

Yes that works when is within one collection, I am trying to have a filter with multiple collections.

Missed that! What about reference fields? Create a separate collection for the feature. Then reference that collection and filter using that collection. Like a tag. :slight_smile:

Hi @Sebasgaes, sorry for the late reply, at the moment it is not possible to create nested collections or to show multiple collection data except using the multi-reference field.

The ability to create nested collections is on the Wishlist here: