How to host a blog at `/blog` instead of blog.domain

How can I host a blog on webflow on a custom domain at instead of (note: we’re using webflow just for the blog portion of our site)

I’d like to use /blog for SEO purposes.

I saw this post that recommends using a cloudflare worker. Is this the recommended approach if you’re not using wordpress? Are there other options?

Thank you!

Hi there!

Are you using Webflow to Host this blog, or just using Webflow to build out the blog?

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Hi @QA_Brandon!

Just using webflow to build out the blog.


Are you using the Webflow CMS to populate the posts?

If so, you will HAVE to HOST with Webflow for that to work!

Otherwise, you could just use a redirect within your Domain host and use a canonical URL system to fix it within your blog posts.

You can refer to this other post for canonical notations:

Yes I am using the webflow CMS @QA_Brandon.

So the steps would be

  1. Host on webflow
  2. Redirect (in DNS provider?) to user
  3. Readers will be able to view articles from ?

Does that make sense? Thanks for your patience, I’m knew to this :slight_smile:

Yeah that sounds about right. However, you will have to setup the canonical URL from to*

Otherwise your SEO will be messed up.

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Thanks so much @QA_Brandon. I appreciate it.

You are very welcome @dtv!

Hi again @QA_Brandon.

My webflow blog is set up on via webflow hosting.

We’re not using cloudflare at the moment and it appears we’d have to switch over our nameservers which i’d rather not due. What’s the best way to get /blog to map to blog.mysite?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

You could use a redirect system that is built into your Domain register, like Godaddy or hostgator, or whoever you use.

You could use Cloudflare Workers to dynamically route different URL paths to Webflow’s servers. Check out this article I wrote on how to do this:

Hi @liranco @QA_Brandon - how would you set up google analytics? would you use a new tag or the existing tag? I e-mailed support at webflow and they said to ask GA but GA doesn’t make that easy.

Any ideas? Thanks so much