Use Webflow BUT put /blog/ subdirectory on WordPress

For a variety of reasons both technical and convenience reasons… We love some assistance from those who have done this before but I would like to host our core website pages on WebFlow at but our /blog/ directory with all contents on WordPress by using the following CloudFlare Workers solution

So my question is:
Does anyone have experience doing this?
Do you know of any sites that have done this?
If so can you could share links?
Do you know of SEO impact/implications if any?
Advantage/risk in doing this? etc?

Also, why does Webflow choose to be so restrictive to not allow alternative subdirectory CMS integrations like this? I mean even major site like use two different CMS systems ie … as you can see here their main website is NOT on WP, but their massive blog is on WP

Hi TheR,

I haven’t had the need to do a Webflow reverse proxy setup, so I might be missing one or two useful points, but I can answer some of your questions generally regarding SEO.

First, to Google it’s basically one site, so there are no direct SEO impacts from that perspective.
The advantage is you get multiple CMS’s, one which is blog-specific. Disadvantage is the complexity of the setup, more failure points overall, etc.

Key points on SEO;

Go for some consistency, where possible, in your page titles, meta descriptions, etc. You want your SERPS to look like they’re from a single unified site.

Sort out navigation, so that both sites are unified. Do your best to have a single shared nav design - which will mean some WP template work. While this is not the primary way Google will navigate your site, it does matter, and matters very much to your UX.


Webflow has a nice auto-generation feature for its sitemap, but of course it does not know about your WP content. WP likewise, does not know about your Webflow content.

So how to unify them? From Google’s perspective, it’s one site, so ideally, you can have Webflow’s autogenerated sitemap at /sitemap.xml ( which you have no choice about ), and configure WP’s to a different location, like /sitemap-wp.xml

Then, create a third static sitemap, we’ll call it /sitemap-main.xml, and place it with your files on WP, where you can upload arbitrary files.

That sitemap will point to the other 2, so Google can find all 3.

You’ll then register with google search console.

You can also add it into your robots.txt for added clarity.

IMHO, probably because it would raise all kinds of support issues and it is not their core offering.

You might be better off converting your design over to WP with something like Pinegrow. It is what I would do.

Here’s another idea…
Maybe you could try using a subdomain for your WP site. For example “”.
I think this is easier to accomplish than using a subdirectory, since you can add subdomains directly at your domain provider. So – as far as I know – the subdomain is completely detached from Webflow.

Hope this helps…

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One more option added to the pile :smile: Reverse Proxy Docs by Finsweet

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If anyone is still looking for a way to do this try HostForward. HostForward is a no-code solution to allow you to run a blog (or any web service) on a subdirectory (subfolder) of a website.