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How to Hide Current Category in Collection List

Hi there,

I have created a blog where I wish to allow users to navigate by category. I would like to hide the current category from a collection list of all categories. I expected that I would be able to set a filter to category is not current but I don’t see any way to. Or if there is any workaround to achieve the same thing.

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On your categories template you should be able to filter the category showing to “is not”.

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Thanks for your reply. It works on the categories template page, however on the blog post itself, I don’t have the option to filter by category on the blog template page. I can only select name.


Okay, so you are on the actual blog item not the blog aggregate page. Gotcha. Yeah, I don’t think you can filter there. I’m not sure why you would want to because there could be more than the individual article in that one category.

I normally create by aggregate blog page and then copy it over to the Categories template.

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The reason being is that I would like to keep it consistent. I think it would make sense to allow the user to navigate through the categories on the blog post template in the same way as the categories page. There will be many articles in one category but it doesn’t affect this. The article should just show the current category and allow users to navigate to other categories. Would there be a workaround for this? I appreciate the response.

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