Keep category links active/current state on individual blog post?

Hi guys!

is it possible somehow to keep category links active/current state on individual blog post?

You click on the first page. This post is in the design category. On the blog post template there seems to be no way to get the “DESIGN” link in the navbar to hightlight?

thanks so much for any leads!

There might be a really simple solution that I’m not thinking of, but what if you added a “Category” reference field with color information to your Blog CMS collections, then in the navigation bar add 2 text elements - then use Conditional Visibility to hide the black text when the CMS page “Category” does not equal Design, etc… then set the other text to show when the category of the CMS page equals “design”. That way the nav text is displaying color for the category in question.

Hi Hunter, That did it. Quite abstract, but works. thanks!!!

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That’s great to hear! I wasn’t sure if it would as I came up with the solution on the spot :joy:

I feel like it would have been a lot easier had the pages not been powered by CMS. You’d simply use a Current class on the navigation bar. Good luck with the rest of your project!

Hi Hunter. I’m trying to get this to work but can’t see how to do it? Please can you give more information on how you did this?
When I do this all my categories go bold not the one category I need to go bold. I just don’t see any way i can get this to work.