How to have unique meta data for CMS collection items?


Many thanks for the video that has certainly helped. And I now have the META Descriptions and titles I want on each service page.

once again many thanks of the help.


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Great, thanks! but, is it posible to edit ONE or TWO pages meta data in a collection, manually, but keep using the average way for the rest?

Thanks a lot!

You can try to leave text field for meta empty. Is this you looking for?other way will be custom JS as you try to create some condition if (true) {do this} else {do that}

Hi Stan, I have the same issue but can’t see your video anymore. Can you please upload the video again? It would be great :slight_smile:

hi @Anja_92 I will check if I have backup as I do delete videos from cloud storage at certain point.

EDIT: Sorry is gone, try to ask users involved in this thread if someone have a copy. But if you follow instruction I have done you will be able to do that.


@Stan Please repost the video thank you!

Hi @ZlanderC as you can see in comment above the video is gone but if you follow detailed written instruction I have done you will be able to do that.

EDIT: I had a second look into my HD’s and found it. So here we go :sunglasses:


Sweet thank you! so much

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Thanks so much for this answer, it solved a problem I was having! Appreciate you.

Thank you so much, Stan!

Thanks @Stan your video helped me solve this same issue on my site.

I think the bit that is most important that I was either missing or maybe wasn’t really highlighted and which I think most others might have missed too, was clicking the + Add Field on ‘Title Tag’ and the ‘Meta Description’ fields. I noticed the purple drop down boxes which were in your earlier screenshots but it wasn’t until I watched your video that I realised how to add these. I was completely ignoring the + Add Field section, I guess I was thinking this was to just add another field like it would on the actual CMS Collection Settings :man_facepalming:

Thanks again for taking the time to make an explanation video and posting it here… :+1: