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INsert title tags and META Descriptions for individual collections pages, different ones for each page


I have asked before about settting individual ‘META Descriptions’ and for collection pages, but I don’t seem to be able to get an answer.

I have set the ‘general template’ for each collection, what we call service page, but I cannot find out have to add specific META Descriptions and tags to each collection/service page.

And i have had confirmation from people on this forum, that I can set the ‘individual SEO details’ for each collection page.

And it has been mentioned about ‘adding a field’ to get the solution I am looking for. But this is the collection page Image-2021-03-25-at-6.02.00-PM and this is the Service template page: Image-2021-03-25-at-6.05.07-PM - here I can see the settings for all services page.

But what I want is to work out where I can add the specific services page SEO META descriptions and title tags?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

And apologises for asking again, maybe I wasn’t clear enough previously.