How do I change the <title> and META Descriptions on service pages


How do I change the and META Descriptions on service pages?

From what I can see, I can’t. Is that correct?

many thanks

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Hi @wood1e

in the designer, go to the pages panel, and click the cogwheel next to the page name. There you can enter meta description, open graph settings and more

It is not a ‘Page’ it is a SERVICE page, see here:

As usual the forum has removed the URL screenshot!!!

This is the SERVICE template page:

And then there is 5 or 6 different services, on front end that i want to adjust the META Descriptions and for.

or is it the case this cannot happen, and so I just need to recreate these SERVICE pages as ‘PAGES’ as not being able to control etc is a large pain for SEO

Easy, in the CMS go into the services section, there you change the settings and add a new field. Call it Meta and fill in the meta description for each entry.
Then go to the pages panel and click on the cog wheel next to the Services Template. There click on the purple + Add Field and select the newly made meta field.

Shoud do the trick.

Same applies for open graph settings ofc

So I can create and META Description for each service page?

Should I not call it META Description? How does Webflow what tags to use?

Sorry i cannot see what you are saying, see here:

Not sure if this link takes you to my back end/designer area?

I have looked in ‘CMS Collection Pages’ and there is ‘Service Templates’

when I click on the ‘cog’ for Service Template’ immediately to the right of the 'Services Templates, I can see the META descitption and Title etc, but that will duplicate the content across all 6 service pages.

Separately if I click the cog on the top right corner there is no options displaying.

check this


Looks good, just added the ‘TAG’ into the meta description but it is not showing - I’ll figure it out.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: