How to have blog category page URLs in same path as blog posts URL?

I’m creating a CMS collection for a blog for my client. The URL will be like We also want to have Category pages for the blog. How can I create category pages so they live in the same URL path as the blog collection (e.g.

The only way I see to create a category page is either by a custom page at OR creating a separate collection for the categories at,

I’ve looked at, and they are doing something in Webflow where they have blog posts and categories in the same URL path. Check their blog sitemap here - For exmaple,

One is a blog post layout and the other is hub page.

Welcome any advice.

What you’re describing above is simply-

  • Static page with the slug blog
  • Collection with the slug blog

That creates;

  • /blog is a static page such as a card view of the recent blog articles
  • /blog/working-capital is an example collection page item URL

When you’re talking about categories, that’s a master-detail relationship.
For example;

  • /blog/finance/working-capital
  • /blog/cost-planning/10-approaches-to-control-your-aws-bill

In a Webflow-hosted site, that can only be done with a reverse proxy

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@memetican thank you so much for the reply. I figured this was not natively possible in Webflow and would require a third party tool/service. I think for my client we’ll keep it simple and create a CMS Collection for categories and maybe just put in a redirect for the to point to Want to avoid any 404s with the URL paths.