CMS and URL naming

I want to organize blog posts and categories. I will create two CMS lists. One for blogs and one for categories. They will each have reference fields so they can access each other’s data. The only issue I’m having is when it comes to the URL structure. I know I can give each collection list a custom ‘folder name’ like ‘category’. But how can I have the URL structured so that the blog post is proceeded by the actual category name (like ‘marketing/blog-post’ OR ‘email-marketing/blog-post’) that it is in instead of the ‘folder name’ of the categories CMS? Do I need to create a separate CMS list for each category in order to have control over the URL structure? I feel like there is a better way to have this done while still only having two CMS lists. Any suggestions?

Unfortunately you are hitting the limitation of webflow’s cms. A collection can not have a category nested in it’s url.

But you can create the actual cms category pages and insert lists of items for that category.

Is there already a solution for this?

I don’t think so