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Hello, I would need to do a blog with 3 categories.
Is it possible to have /blog/category-name/post-name like the URL? I can not find the solution…

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Categories are things you can associate with posts, but they’re not actually where posts live, so visitors can browse post indices at /folder/folder/../category-name, but posts will still live at /cms-collection/post-name.

If you’re doing this for SEO, you could always edit the blog entry URL in CMS settings.

I hope that helps.

Thanks briansage for the response.
The thing is that I need to pass a WordPress blog to Webflow without lost the original URLs
What do you mean with “you could always edit the blog entry URL in CMS settings.”?
Thanks a lot!

For blog post:

No way (yet) to create this URL structure
Only this
The solution is to create a 301 * wildcard under webflow setting

Redirect “all” old posts from




Try this (Test, before you publish + do not “shut down” the old website until everything works).




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Thanks so much Siton!!
I will use this solution