CMS nested slug issue


I have the following structure in my Webflow site with CMS:

Ideally, what I want is: - The blog home page - A Blog Post - List all Categories - Details for a single Category - List all Authors - Details for a single Author

What I currently have is: - works fine - works fine (but would prefer the category in the slug) - 404 error even though page is there - works fine - 404 error even though page is there - works fine

I’m guessing this is caused by a conflict between the /blog slug I have set on the CMS collection and the /blog folder I have in the site structure, so I have two questions…

  1. is it possible to have blog articles under the category slug? e.g ?
  2. Is it possible to have a listing page for all categories at and a listing page for all authors at ?

Thank you!

Exactly. From a site structure perspective, these are both considered folders, so the namespaces cannot overlap.

Not in a Webflow-hosted site, unless you design a reverse proxy to support the pathing you want.

Yes if /blog is a folder, no if it’s a collection page.

However if you’re really set on this structure, and ok with redirects, you can mimic it visually. You’d create these pages somewhere else, and then should be able to 301 redirect to them from your desired paths.

On those pages you can have a small JS that updates the browser history as well so that the displayed URL in the URL bar matches.


history.replaceState(null, null, '/blog/categories');

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