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How to get star-rating in Google search results?

Hey, guys. I’ve been reading up on this, and found some great articles and also read through the forum. But I just wanted to ask if anyone has achieved getting rating on their search results through Webflow?

I would love to implement it on my blog posts, and products. But I’m not sure how.

Does anyone know some code snippets I can embed to get it, or something similar? :webflow_heart:

I know how to throw in a snippet like this:

It’s the dynamic voting part i don’t know how to achieve. So people actually can vote, and the vote is registered.

To do that your website needs to store reviews in a database somewhere.

Since it is possible for a form to be submitted to CMS via Zapier now, might be able to create a collection called “Reviews” with multi-reference to the product. However, that’s where it all ends. Webflow cannot calculate an “average” rating from multiple collection items to be displayed in that snippet you posted.

So, the only option left is to export and integrate with another CMS which can do something like that, perhaps Wordpress + Woocommerce?

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Thank you Sir for the answer. I have tried it many times, but I am unable to do it.