How to get rid default media in lightbox gallery

I have an issue that seems like it should have a simple solution…wondering if it’s actually a bug. I used an lightbox template and applied it to the site I’m working on. I replaced the first four images in the gallery. However, when the thumbnail is trigger to show the media, the old [square] photos still appear in there. Any ideas of what’s going on?

That is aggravating for sure.

Have you tried deleting the old/stock images that came with the template from the asset manager? (This is the same place where you uploaded your photos).

Then republish.

Hope this helps.

Tried that now. It did not solve anything. Same problem.

Any luck on this yet? I’m new to webflow as well.

No. :frowning: Still digging…

Please share your read only project so we can take a look.

On your sites published page, there is a json array in a script, used by the lightbox script, that includes the older images. That is probably the issue. It should have been cleaned up when you updated your images, but without the ability to check, I can’t tell.

Is that the link you need?

Link broken. Can you try again?

Thanks. You might try changing the value of the “link with other light boxes” to something else for each image in your grid. Then publish and test. I think that will clear up the issue. Let’s see?

I tried that too. Doesn’t work.

That is a bummer. The suggestion I have is to create a new one from scratch, should be relatively painless.

You could also open a trouble ticket with the Webflow team, since this looks like a bug, acts like a bug, and probably is a bug! In fact I am moving this to the Bugs category!

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Thanks for looking into it.

Hi @Jamin_Ver_Velde

Thanks for posting about this and thanks for helping here @webdev @nate_dawg

I did some testing on this end and can see the old images even though there’s no trace of them in the lightbox setting. Was this site created from a clone or template? Or was the gallery copy/pasted from another site? If so can you please share a link to where you found this clone/template?

Thanks for looking at it. The gallery section was copied and pasted from this template:

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