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Hi WF forum,

I was wondering if anybody has seen/had a similar issue to what we’re experiencing with the Lightbox element. I’ve never come across this before, so I’m a little stuck as to why it’s happening.

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On the Gallery page, we have a gallery lightbox. Everything looks fine but when you open the lightbox it shows an old image multiple times. We have tried changing the group name on the lightbox elements but it’s still showing.

Also the positioning of the lightbox images looks bugged too (also never seen this before).

Link to gallery page - Gallery | Beechdale Carehome

If anybody could help or has any idea it would be greatly appreciated. Of all the years using WF I’ve never come across this before.

Many thanks!

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Webflow occasionally has an glitch that I refer to as “rogue elements.” It basically means that it’s possible for an element to have a second element or additional data conjoined with it that does not appear in the designer, and which you cannot select and remove.

In most cases I’ve seen that’s just plain text, and attached to a DIV, however I’ve seen tab elements also glitch in this way, and this is the second time I’ve seen this on Lightbox configs.

I’m not sure what causes it and your case is particularly troubling because all of your lightbox elements are discrete. I’m hoping that the conjoining glitch happened on your first element, and then you copy-pasted it 40-odd times and cloned that rogue JSON as well. That would be a happier scenario than “they all glitched at once.”

Unfortunately you’ll need to rebuild them and in your case that’s a big pot of coffee.

It’s likely possible to hackfix by script as well, if you’re a dev. You’d need to modify the JSON, and then re-init lightboxes.

Hi @danwilko
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Mark here on the webflow engineering team. We’re aware of this bug and I completely understand how annoying this is. It’s a really old element (the lightbox) and it’s often difficult to reproduce consistently, so I will take a closer look at your project (thank you for sharing the link!)

I have a few questions:

  • Have you ever copied the lightbox from a different site/project that you know of?
  • Has the lightbox been copied from a different page within the same site?
  • Has the site ever been duplicated?
  • What was the saved name of the phantom image file? (the lovely fruit bowl, was it named example-image or beechdale-53.jpg?)

Best, Mark


Thanks for the reply @memetican, it was a duplicate project and looks like the gallery is bugged from the previous project. I’ll just rebuild the gallery!

Alright mush :smiley:

This project was duplicated and then we just changed the photos. I don’t remember what the file name is, but the phantom image looks to be named “new%20syc%20kitchen.jpg” or “new-syc-kitchen.jpg” from opening the image direct URL.

Is there a fix for it or do I need to rebuild the whole gallery? :sob:

Unfortunately I think the workaround at this point is to rebuild the gallery :cry:, and keep in mind that duplicating or copying across sites will likely break it again. There is no way to delete the existing images.

This is a horrible bug, and I genuinely feel your pain. There is an issue when lightbox images are created, and something to do with the id that we store. On cross site copy paste (xscp) those image id’s are depended upon.

I’m digging into it more but it’s super hard (for me) to find the root cause, it’s unfortunately been around for a while, but I’ll keep at it.

I’m sorry this isn’t the answer I was hoping to give, nor that you wanted to hear. I’ll update here once there is a fix for it.

Re-creating the gallery fixed it. I’ll keep that in mind next time we’re copying over lightboxes from one site to another!


Hey @danwilko I’ve just pushed a fix for the lightbox issue.

You are now be able to copy and paste between sites, and the lightbox images will go across too, which means you shouldn’t get any empty/missing images. Please feel free to test and let me know if there’s still odd behaviour happening.

The only caveat to note is if you duplicate the site. In this case, the lightbox images still won’t get transferred. We have a ticket open to continue investigating this.

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