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My Lightbox Gallery on the Island Lodge page (Tab 2) is showing additional images and is totally random in places. It works perfectly up to the Lightbox called Lightbox OK, and from the next one I have a double image, followed by a random image, you really need to look at it to see what I mean. The client has had me re-order this grid 4 times, which might be the problem… help appreciated.

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You didn’t use the Lightbox the correct way in your project. See this video for use.

Thank you for this @HGWeb but it does not solve the problem at all.

I completely understand about Lightboxes and use them a lot. On this site I have removed some thumbnails and used a background image as this maintains the formatting on the Grid. I want to know where the extra media is coming from as I can’t see it in the flow and on an individual level the Lightboxes display the correct media. As I said, the client has asked me to re-order this grid 4 times, which is why it is a bit messy. If any one can shed any light on this issue I woudl appreciate it, otherwise I will have to rebuild ie.

Lightbox Gallery rebuilt and working perfectly.

Maybe a ‘Grid’ is not the best solution? Put the image’s in a div and then in the Style (S) - Typography - More type options - Columns - and the set the number to 4. Then you get 4 rows of images. Remove all the empty ‘Ligthbox Links’.

Hi @HGWeb, I just rebuilt the Gallery, easier. I am keeping it in Grid as it makes responsiveness more efficient and the client wants 3 accross.

Thank you for your help. I would love to know what caused the lightboxes to behave so strangely but it’s no longer a problem.

Have a lovely day and stay safe

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