How to fetch 2 cms collections into an other mixed collection

Hi here,
Maybe its easier than I think it is, but I just cant get my head wrapped around this.

As an example:
I have a Blog (collection) for Cats and a another Blog (collection) for Dogs, listed on separate pages.

However I would like to display the latest 3 blog posts out of these two blog lists on the homepage, within a 3 item limited collection. Lets call it a mixed “Latest Cast&Dogs blog posts”

My simple question is, How?

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Because you’ve created them as separate collections, they can only be bound to separate collection lists. That means, you’d have to do custom script to merge, sort by date, and then truncate the combined list to 3.

A better way is to have one collection called “Blog”. In that collection you’d have an Option field, or a Ref field that separates Cats & Dogs.

That way you can have a cats page just showing cats posts, a dogs page just showing dogs posts and you can easily show the 3 most recent on the homepage.

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This Sounds Great! I’ll give it a go, thanks!