How to feature one blog post on a page of another?

Hi guys!

So I am making a collection page for one of the blog posts. It’s a template, so every content is automatically loading from the collection. However, I want to feature another blog on that page.

Let’s say that the page is about Post1 and the category is Category1. In the bottom of the page I have a section that says “You might like this post too”, that automatically loads Post2 (any, actually), but from the same Category1.

Is it possible to do it without code? How do people do sections like “Read other posts”?


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Okay, sorry, I found how to do it!

When you create fields in the collection, add reference (or multireference, if you want to have few posts in the “read next” section). And then just choose whatever you need - name, subtext etc.

Hope this helps!