Cms colection filtered inside another cms collection

So Is it possible to create a cms collection that one category is another cms collection and then show up only the results you want from the latest collection( filtered)?
So a collection of tools(cms collection) and there will be tutorials(another cms collection) for those tools that need to be filtered for each page
Tell me if my writing is confusing I try to explain it better
Thank you

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Yes, it’s not clear what you’re trying to do.

A common pattern people seem to miss is this one, which sounds like it may be related to your question.

Collection A
Collection B ( has a Ref field, pointing to A )

On Collection A’s collection page, you put a Collection List, and bind it to B. You then filter it to show only items in B “where Ref = Current A”.

This lets you group B items into A categories, and display them neatly that way.

Yes, you can do that