Get content from mulitple sources

I have two CMS collections:

Blog Posts (news, tips, and product. etc)
Case Studies (customer reviews)

I would like to create a single blog page for my users that shows not only the latest blog articles but also my case studies in a single grid. Currently, I can only see the ability to link to a single source.

Can I create a collection list that looks at both my blog posts and case studies?

Ideally you’d have crated a collection called Articles with all the fields needed for a blog post or a case study, and another collection called Article Category, with items as blog and CS. But then you may want to get ‘blog’ in url etc. So it’s a matter of strategy.

You could create a third collection with each item referencing blog posts and CS but honestly it’s very cumbersome to maintain.

Thanks for the reply. Having 1 source with all the fields seems rather impractical as half won’t be applicable for the other half. Thank you for the answer.

If Blog posts and CS are too different to merge, you’d probably be best off simply having two adjacent collection lists, which output similarly styled Items, such as “cards.” Then you can use a bit of jQuery to merge and sort those cards into a single combined list, seamlessly.