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How to edit content in sliders, and on scroll, that is hidden?

I found a couple of sites in the Discover section that use content that is hidden and appears on scroll or next slide. I opened these sites in Webflow and cannot figure out how to get to the actual content.

On this site text and images change on the left side as you scroll down. When I open in Webflow, I see the different sections in the Navigator, but I can only see and edit “Contact” (which is secondary-title). I can’t get the other text (About Me, My Work, Fun Stuff) to appear so that I could change it. Here is webflow link

This is another site that has a great slider (click menu, and then portfolio). I can’t find how to see the menu or any of the slide content.

I am not asking how to create these effects. I just want to know how I can see the content in Designer.


Hi @wergle32

One thing that’s really helpful is this page: it has a bunch of tutorials on how to work with such interactions.

The second site you showed is simply made like this:

  • In the menu you click on portfolio
  • An interaction triggers the portfolio section to move up to make it visible

So every element you see on that site is in 1 page but it’s just not visible yet. That’s why the interactions are used to make them come visible.

You can find the portfolio section under the name portfolio-section as a child in body-wrapper:

if you select portfolio-section and move down you can see that it is moved down 120vh (120 viewport height) in it’s original state, that’s why there is an interaction to move it to the correct place when clicked in the nav menu.

I hope I cleared some things up :slight_smile:

Tell me if you have more questions.


Thanks very much for your reply. The tutorials are helpful. I am getting the hang of how the interactions work. I just couldn’t find the actual content on these sites.

On the second site, I found (finally) the navbar. It’s height was set to 0 and comes into view when press the hamburger. I set height to 50px just to see it (if I had wanted to, for example, change Portfolio to My Work or something like that).

And I finally found the slider content. Changed portfolio section to absolute and slider appeared in Designer window. Yeah! Use Navigator to get to each slide.

Is appears that the way to do these interactions with hidden content is to do layout as normal (with sections throughout the page) then set positioning to what you want for live site. Is that correct?


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