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Editing Content Inside a Horizontal Scrollable Section


I’m using the Byra template linked below and trying to edit the very last section, “Get In Touch.” In the template, this is a horizontal scrollable section. However, I’m not able to edit the content within the horizontal grid because the scrolling stops on the “cover” of the section.

The content is clearly there in the navigation and on the mobile version, but I can’t edit on desktop. Check out the end of the template’s Home page to see what I’m referring to; in my read-only link I am only able to scroll up to “Get In Touch.”

Am I missing something obvious? : ( Thanks so much in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only:


I’m using the same template and having a similar problem. Can only edit item styles from the navigator but unable to edit text etc. I thought reversing the horizontal section and making it vertical temporally would work but failed.
Would really appreciate help with horizontal sections.

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Got the same problem. How did you solve it?

Got the same problem in template folios! have you been able to solve it?

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got the same issue has anyone solved it?

Go to Contact section (Navigator) - Scroll down to first Container Grid and on Display Right on Styles click on (Layout) the NON HIDES ELEMENTS (Eye). Then you ll see the text and can edit all of the them.
I want to ask you if can help me with the portfolio links…
So, there are only 5 portfolio links that I have modified ( with my photos, text). But I want to add more portfolio links 6,7,8…that means that I need also to add more portfolio pages (on navigator bar with green box PORTFOLIO, SECOND PORTFOLIO, THIRD PORTFOLIO and goes on…)
I don’t know if copy/paste works, because are duplicated the first 1,2,3,4,5, pages and I don’t know how to modify them to - 6,7,8,9…without the previous photos and text

where you able to resolve the issues ?? It is driving me crazy, I’ve trying to edit the portfolio all day.

How did you edit the portfolio links ?? Any help would be sooooo useful!