How to display Airtable data in Webflow

Hey! Here’s the context:

I’m building a custom dashboard for companies that create events on my platform. All the backend for data is hosted in AirTable - I don’t want to use CMS to host registrations since I will exceed the limit waaaay to quickly:)

So I have a table in AirTable with the event name and ID, member that registered name and ID. I want to display the data in the dashboard, so that the companies can see how many registrations they have. Would be even better to have filters!

I don’t want to embed Airtable as a code there (both for design and logic reasons), so I was wondering if there is a code that can import that data and make it user-specific (only display registrations that are specific to the event hosted by the organization).

I hope this is not too confusing!

Welcome @Valeriya_Ensenat :wave:

You can but you’re limited by available options.

  • Both Memberstack and Wized will do this for you.
  • You can code your own custom solution to fetch this with Javascript.

You said you’ll hit CMS limitations quickly but Jetboost has an automated solution for this.

…and you can couple that with PowerImporter to automate getting the data into it.

Going this route gives you a lot of benefit in that you can design with your data directly in the Webflow Designer, instead of dynamically inserting it and only seeing the design (with data) on a live site.