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What does this button do?

Aimlessly thumbing through the designer and I came across the Styles Manager. I’ve never utilized this section before (would love a like to an article/video that demonstrates how to use it) and was wondering what this does?

09 AM

Does this remove styles/classes I’ve created but no longer use? Just want to make sure I know what it does and that it’s un-doable before I make any reckless mistakes to my site. :wink:

Thanks a million!

It will remove all styles that are unused in your project (not placed in any page). You will get a confirmation screen with all the affected styles before you delete them, so it’s safe for you to click to preview the clean up.

Thank you so much for the quick response! I assumed that’s what it did, but assuming has had drastic results in the past so I tend to be a little more cautious with new things like this.

Thanks again!

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